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Garage Door Service Ottawa provides a wide range of services which help you protect your home from break-ins. Whether you want to install new garage doors, garage door openers, or repair the battered ones, we do it all.

A garage door can need a variety of emergency garage door services. These can be- replacing the worn out garage door tracks, broken garage door springs, door opener, badly dented garage doors, etc. at odd hours such as midnight, or in the pouring rains. All such vital security issues of households are attended to by Garage Door Service Ottawa.

If you have been stranded outside your own garage, you need not panic. Garage Door Service Ottawa can get you out of such a tricky situation within minutes. The highly trained and efficient certified technicians provided by Garage Door Service Ottawa reach your house within minutes of receiving your complaint to help you out.

Also, you need not have to worry about which time of the day you are calling us. We are generally available for 24 hours a day, 7days a week and 365 days a year, on holidays, evenings and nights!


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    If you are looking for someone who can perform garage door installation for one or more doors on your garage, our experienced technicians will gladly help you out.

    When you hire us to install your garage door, you can expect complete professionalism every step of the way. We take a thorough, detail-oriented approach to the installation process so that we get it done right the first time. We keep our prices reasonable so that you can come away feeling like you’re getting good value for your hard-earned money.

    We install all types of garage doors, including:

  • Aluminum doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Wood doors
  • Steel doors
  • Composite and fiberglass doors
  • Carriage House doors and overlays
  • Windload rated doors

    And more!

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    Sooner or later, most of us run into a problem with our garage doors. It can be a broken spring, your door getting stuck or worse, the door falling off the track, cables snapping or the opener not responding. No matter what the problem we will help you get your door back on track. We are here to do that for you.

    We specialize in service and repairs for all makes and models of garage doors, and our prices are the most competitive in the industry. We know the importance of your garage door for everyday living. That is why we provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Our Garage Door Repair Services Include:

  • Broken spring repair and replacement
  • Lubes and adjustments
  • Panel replacement
  • Cable repair and replacement
  • Broken or bent roller repair
  • Track alignment and repair
  • Remote repair
  • Opener repair

    And more!

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    Why would my garage door spring break?

    There are few reasons why a garage door spring would break. A good spring life on average is about 70k-100k cycles per pair of springs. The most common reason a garage door spring would break would be the wear and tear over the years. They are usually quite hardy with their one and only function, but through the years of all that lifting and all the weather changes, the metal tends to weaken and break.If the above mentioned happens to you and your car is stuck indoors, do not worry! That is exactly why Garage Door Service Ottawa is available 24/7. You will be provided with quick and efficient service.

    Types of Springs

    There are 2 types of garage door springs – extension springs and torsion springs. Each spring is designed to handle a certain number of cycles of opening and closing before they break.


    More than not, when one of them breaks, the other one follows soon thereafter. If there is only one new spring operating with the old one, the power of the springs is not evenly distributed across the garage door. It would be wise to change out both of the springs at the same time to ensure workability and to avoid the cost and hassle of having us come to you again. After the initial break of the spring, the chances of more damage to your garage and/or garage door opener are significant.

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    “My garage door is not working properly and I’m not sure what the problem is.”

    Not to worry, we have heard that many times and every time we leave with you saying “Thank you.” You might have to simply reprogram your opener. Your garage door opener unit may have lack of power, which will cause it to open slowly or not open at all. It might even be your remote. We will get the job done!

    Whether you have minor technical problems with your garage door opener or need a full installation, Garage Door Service is here to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

    We install and repair every garage door opener available on the market.

  • Chain Driven Openers
  • Screw Driven Openers
  • Belt Driven Openers

    Call us now 613-800-7544 and get the Professional Garage Door Opener Repair you deserve!
  • TIPS


    These tips, especially the garage door sensor one, are often the cause of unnecessary service calls. We are not like “Out of Town” competitors trying to stick you for every dime and nickel. We want your repeat business by doing a great job and earning your trust. We also thought it was a good idea to try to save you time and money with these garage door repair tips.
    Garage Door Remote Does Not Work

    First, check and see if you can open the garage door from your wall mounted garage door opener. Many of these units have a lock out button that stops your keypad and garage door opener from working. It usually has the picture of a lock on it. If this is the case simply reactivate your opener by pressing the lock out button. If this is not the case and your garage door opens, your garage door opener batteries should be replaced. If that fails then it is possible that you either need it reprogrammed or need a new opener.

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    Please remember

    Garage door springs, cables and hardware are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury or damage. For this reason, only qualified technicians should adjust or replace them.

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    There may be a huge variation of companies and contractors that you can find in your area when it comes to garage door services. Some may look exactly similar to each other, and some others may offer cheaper prices. Don’t be alarmed – you’re not the only one confused. All that you need to do is to scour the internet or ask people that you know for recommendations. Read reviews and feedback from people who’ve tried their services. This will give you an idea on which company is worth your time and money. Never fix your garage doors on your own. It may sound simple as it is, but, in fact, it is not. Always make sure that you find someone else who is trained to do it so you can save money, in the long run.

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